About Us

My name is Cody Kimball.  I am married to my beautiful wife Ashley and we have two boys, Cole and Luke.  At the age of 18 I joined the Army as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, and spent 4-1/2 years on active duty.  After two tours in Iraq , my fiancée at the time and I decided it was time for me to come home for good.  I then worked in Nashville as a road side mechanic for 2 years.  When the opportunity came up for me to work at Mid Tenn Ford trucks I jumped on it and I work there to this day.  They are great people to work for and I love my job there as one of their diesel techs.  I however live an hour from my place of work and knew that I wanted to serve the people in my community so I decided to open up my own shop and run it as a side business.   We look forward to working for the people in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.  Thank you for the last two years!